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See yourself embarking in the world of automation? Come join our team.

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Come join our team.

If you are passionate about doing your best work , making a difference and having fun doing it.

Be a part of the future of Innovation


Our Culture

We take pride in our Company culture – it is the heart of everything we do. Our reputation is based on teamwork, customer service & trust. That begins with an open, collaborative work environment where every voice is heard & has autonomy to make their mark.

Make a real Impact


Our Values

Take pride.

Care intensely about company values and success. Together we own Concept – we should also own our contributions in the same way. At Concept we are proud of every piece of code, every project, every interaction with a client, partner or applicant. Our values drive our success.

Create a customer experience.

Craft experiences that customers and partners will rave about. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Understand the market, analyse trends and deliver simple, value adding solutions and service.

Find a better way.

Assume there is always a better way. Achieved in baby steps or giant leaps, the path to success is via constant and continuous improvement and experimentation. Fix what may be broken and make what works even better.

Learn and share.

Read, take courses, attend conferences and seminars, constantly pursue new understanding and once you have it, feed it back into our community – whether at Concept or with our customers and partners.

Succeed together as a team.

Achieve collective impact by being generous with your time , care and expertise. Look for opportunities to work collaboratively, drawing ideas and experience from across the company in order to make great decisions.



We like to empower our employees with the autonomy to make a difference and forge ahead in their role. This is complemented with open and regular communication and support from the founder.

Competitive salary

Everyone is paid based on a process that is part of our company policy, optimised for fairness. We have a formal annual review of salary which is benchmarked against market

Flexible working hours

Ability to manage your own time in alignment with customer expectations and requirements.

Investment in you

In addition to a laptop phone and the basics, we help you with your personal development and more.

Sound interesting?

See yourself embarking in the world of automation? Contact us via the form below.

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