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About Concept

Concept Automation is an Industrial Automation company, founded in Sydney.

We provide capital equipment solutions to the packaging and processing industry along with local technical service to both, compliment those solutions, but also as an independent service and projects Automation division to industry in many and various fields.

The concept client base includes private and listed corporates, small to large businesses, from a diverse range of industries including Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, FMCG, Food & Beverage, Nutraceuticals, Bioceuticals, Printing, Road line marking, Water treatment along with other varied industrial clients.

Formed in 2003, an unwavering model of integrity has seen Concept grow to a successful and globally recognised brand that is relied upon by a diverse range of customers and partners, both local and multi-national.

Our Mission

By following the process and key values of Consult + Create + Solve + Support, Concept has developed to be a progressive and highly driven company that has one intention in mind. That intention is to provide its customers with a level of service that will define its reputation in industry, as not only the best available, but the best possible. Second to none.

In doing so Concept puts itself in the customers shoes and challenge ourselves by asking the following question:

“What sort of service would we expect if we were in the customer’s position?”

In answering this as a team we strive to exceed even our own expectations and in doing so we feel that the customers satisfaction is guaranteed.

As a by-product of this commitment our future success will be achieved only via the customers complete satisfaction.

We believe that service is the key ingredient in succeeding as a company and ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our Director

Robert Richards

Director and Founder

Robert is renowned for crafting meticulous solutions for clients.  An electrician by trade and an entrepreneur at heart, he understands and cares foremost about the impact Concept can make to the efficiency and success of business process.

Utilising the latest in technology and Concept’s vast network of service and product partners, Robert leads a team of experts to operate as a conduit between Production, Manufacturing and Packaging based customers to achieve the desired improvements to their processes.

With specific experience in Hi-speed Packaging and Processing in Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Food / FMCG fields, Robert also has extensive experience in other varied industries in Industrial Automation.

By applying an unwavering model of integrity, this leadership has seen Concept grow to a successful and globally recognised brand and company. Under Robert’s guidance, Concept is relied upon by a diverse range of customers and partners, both Local and Multi-national.

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