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Hazardous environment installations

Hazardous environment installations

Concept offers the service of Hazardous electrical installations under IECEX and ATOS standards and guidelines.

This service incorporates new installation and upgrades to existing installations or plant room modifications.

This could be based on an explosive type product either alcohol or solvent based etc.

Through our Solutions division we also offer Processing and packaging solutions for both Solids and Liquids processing and Packaging which can also be provided for IECEx and ATOS rated environments.

We work with our network of independent assessors to design and provide the necessary risk assessment and specification for hazardous environment installations and using the latest and best practice technology and components, Concept implements the solution to the highest standard.

Do you have a need for an installation or packaging / processing solution for a hazardous environment?

Talk to the Concept team for consultation or a turnkey solution for hazardous projects.

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